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I'm searching for the ways to download movies from Pirates Bay on my Android Smartphone. Please provide a fastest proxy of Pirates bay in India.

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There are many ways to Download Torrents from Pirates Bay to your Android Smartphones. We will discuss some of the best methods for downloading torrents on phone.

What is Pirates Bay? 

This website uses BitTorrent protocol which facilitates a peer-to-peer file-sharing system for sharing entertainment media and software. It allows users to search, download and contribute to the network. Since this site illegal it has faced many closures and shutdowns of sites and domain name but they have continued operations by switching to new web addresses. 

How BitTorrent Protocol Works?

BitTorrent protocol is a server-less stack which is also known as a decentralized stack. This technology is also used in the Ethereum Blockchain. The network is used to decrease the server and network effect on large files. This network works very effectively with mass internet users and low bandwidth networks.

download torrents from pirates bay

 The image which can be seen above is the process of uploading and downloading files on BitTorrent Protocol. A Peer-to-peer file system is very different from a client-side or Traditional downloading system. The process involves ordinary computers like yours and mine which are called as peers. A file is uploaded into pieces and downloaded in pieces. For example, you want to download a file which will be collected from the people who have already downloaded the file and saved in their hard drive. Some people do not allow others to download the file by immediately downloading files and stop the process. people who don't allow someone to receive the requested file is known as Leecher. Furthermore, BitTorrent protocol has revolutionized the web by creating a decentralized file system.

How to download torrents on Android Smartphones?

download torrents from pirates bay

To download torrents from an Android Smartphone you have to use UTorrent App which can be used to browse the magnet links and torrent files. UTorrent is one of the fastest and efficient ways to download torrents. 

To start downloading the torrents you can find the best Pirates Bay Proxy on the web. After successfully visiting a legit site you can search for the file you need. The best way to download a file is to click on the Magnet link because the download button may contain a pop-up ad. 

Remember: Downloading Torrents is not legal and it may contain some malicious code which can harm your computer or phone. 

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