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Downloading movies from Pirates Bay is a time-consuming task. Is there any option to download torrents very fast.

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In this post, we will explain to you the process to download Hindi Movies from Pirates Bay. There are many ways to download movies from the web but it is one of the fastest ways to download movies from the internet. Without wasting our time lets discuss what is pirates bay and how to download files from this website. 

What is Pirates Bay?

Pirates Bay is a Torrenting site which uses BitTorrent protocol to share and receive files. It is a server-less stack and provides various types of large files on its site. Pirates Bay is illegal as it is infringing copyrights of many creative works. The website has suffered many closures but they continue their operations by registering new domain names. 

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing system which is also known as a decentralized stack. This protocol is similar to blockchain technology like Ethereum Blockchain. BitTorrent involves sharing and receiving large files in pieces by distributing it to its users. This makes the process of downloading Hindi movies from pirates bay easy. The BitTorrent protocol works very efficiently on user flow and low bandwidth connectivities. 

How to Download Hindi Movies from Pirates Bay?


  • A Torrent downloader such as UTorrent or Tixati.
  • Recommended: Tixati as there various functions such as Bandwith chocking and Ultra high speed. 

To download Hindi movies from Pirates Bay visit its website and search for Bollywood movies or any movie you want to download. 

If you want to download file very fast then prefer the file which has more seeders. You have two options to download the file but prefer the magnet link because the download button may contain a pop-up ad. 

After clicking a magnet link or GET THIS TORRENT link you will continue with your Torrent downloader. Wait for few seconds till the file fetches and then you can begin with downloading. 

Remember: Torrenting is not legal. It is a way to download illegal or licensed files for free which might be restricted in your country. 

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