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I need a custom Firmware for my Antminer V9 for mining SHA-256 algorithm coins such as Bitcoin and other coins. 

Antminer V9 Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Bitmain 
  • Maximum Hash rate: 4Gh/s
  • Operating frequency: 600Mz
  • The number of fans: 2
  • Fan Speed: Front: 6000 rpm and rear:4500 rpm
  • Operating Temperature:15 - 35°C
  • Noise Level:76 dB
  • Power consumption:1207 plus a variance of 10%
  • Weight: 3.25Kg
  • Dimensions: 301 x 123 x 155 mm
  • Voltage:11.6 - 13 V

More information about this Miner - click here

The Miner is no more profitable and I'm ready to take the risk of heating with this device. Please let me know any custom firmware for this device.

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Antminer V9 custom firmware is not available Meanwhile you this check this guide to overclock your Antminer V9. Furthermore, you can check for any firmware upgrade at Bitmain

About Antminer V9

antminer v9 custom firmware

Antminer V9 can give a maximum hash rate of 4Gh/s for the power usage of 1200W. The miner is currently not profitable for mining Bitcoin but there are other more profitable  SHA-256 algorithm coins. It uses a BM 1580 ASIC Miner chip for improving the mining performance. 

Custom Firmware for Antminer

We have successfully tested a custom firmware on Antminer S9 and T9. It enabled more frequency options for overclocking and will enable full control over the miner. You can adjust the fan speed earlier which was not possible. This Custom Firmware can be used to low the power usage. Furthermore, it is very beneficial to use custom firmware. 

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