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I have recently decided to overclock my Antminer D3 with a custom firmware. Is there any custom firmware available for my ASIC Machine. Currently, Antminer D3 is not profitable with a hash rate of 19.3Gh/s for mining X11 algorithm coins. 

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In this guide, we will explain the process to install a custom firmware on Antminer D3. The process involves flashing of a new firmware image.

About Antminer D3

custom firmware antminer d3

Antminer D3 is a product from Bitmain for mining X11 algorithm coins such as MUE, CANN, DASH, DPC, and ONX. It gives a maximum hash rate of 19.5Gh/s for the power usage of 1350W. 

Antminer D3 Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Bitmain
  • Model: D3
  • Hash Rate: 19.5Gh/s
  • Power Consumption: 1350W
  • Dimensions:130 x 190 x 320mm
  • Weight: 5500g
  • Noise: 75db
  • Temperature:0-40C
  • Network Interface: Ethernet

Furthermore, Antminer was released in October 2017 and currently, it is not profitable to mine with this ASIC Machine. In addition, if power consumption reduces and hash rate increase this device may be profitable. So let's make it profitable by installing an Antminer D3 custom firmware.

What is overclocking?

To receive extra utility and performance from a CPU or GPU the process of overclocking is performed. Overclocking is the process of configuring the hardware components of the CPU and GPU. Generally, this process is done by increasing the operating frequency of the device. It includes some other components such as RAM which makes this process more heated up. So one must take some precautions while performing this process. Furthermore, overclocking is very risky and should be done with a proper knowledge and in the worst case, your device may destroy. 

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Blissz Firmware Features

  • More stability and improved auto-tuning functionality
  • Optimized for Cgminer
  • Automatic recover from errors
  • High-frequency adjustments
  • Full control over miner

How to install custom firmware on Antminer D3?

To install the Custom firmware on your Antminer D3 just follow these simple steps,

  • Download the Blissz Firmware from here
  • Go to Systme>Updgrade>Flash new image and select your custom firmware from the folder. 
  • Now, wait for few minutes till the process completes then you can begin the process of adjusting the frequency.
  • Check the advanced settings page where you can start setting voltage.
  • Start tweaking, you are free to comment.

How to back up to the stock firmware?

In case the firmware is broken or you want to get back to the previous firmware Use this official firmware from Bitmain-: https://shop.bitmain.com/support.htm?pid=00720170915192851224mJ36J1ap066E

Download the image from the above link and flash this image in your Miner. Reset it to defaults.

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