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To increase the hash rate of Antminer Z9 you have to increase the operating frequency. I have tried to overclock my device but it has not increased as I expected. There are not more options to increase frequency. In my opinion, increasing frequency at peak will be only possible by using a custom firmware for my Antminer.

More information about Antminer z9 from here

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After any failure, if your device has been bricked or catching a fire. Get your firmware back by following this guide https://service.bitmain.com/support/download?product=Antminer%20Z9

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In this guide, we will explain the process to install a custom firmware on Antminer Z9. After installing this firmware you will able to unlock various frequencies, stable overclock and temperature measurements.

About Antminer Z9

Antminer Z9 is an Equihash Algorithm miner from Bitmain. It can deliver a maximum hash rate of 42ksol/swith the power usage of 970W. The miner was released in September 2018. Weight and size of the device are 4700g and 132 x 226 x 279mm. The Miner can be used to home mining as its noise level is 75db. There are options for adjusting the frequency and can be overclocked.

Install custom firmware on Antminer Z9

To install a custom firmware on Antminer Z9 just follow some simple steps shown below,

  1. First, download the Efudd firmware from the link provided above.
  2. Now open the Miners Web interface by using login where username is root and password is also root.
  3. Go to System>Upgrade>Flash a new image and select the downloaded file.
  4. Now you can select the flash image option
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