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Please provide a custom firmware for Antminer B3 Bytom miner to overclock it easily. Currently, it is giving a maximum hash rate of 1Kh for mining Tensority algorithm coins.

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Currently, there is no custom firmware available for Antminer B3 Bytom Miner. We will explain the process of upgrading the firmware of your Antminer B3.

About Antminer B3

Antminer b3

Antminer B3 Bytom Miner is a Tensority algorithm miner from Bitmain. It produces a maximum hash rate of 0.78kh/s or 780Mh/s for the power usage of 360W. The miner was released in the month of May 2018. In addition, it is one of the most popular Bytom miner available in the market.


  • Model: Antminer B3 780Mh/s
  • Size:124 x 155 x 313mm
  • Noise level:72db
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Fans: 2
  • Temperature: 0 - 40 °C

More information about Antminer B3 Bytom - click here

To upgrade the firmware of Antminer B3First, Download the firmware from the following linkYou need to download both the firmware where one is to fix fan speed problem and other is to increase the hash rate. Download this one update_1000.tar.gz for increasing the hash rate. Don't power off the device during the process of upgrading the miner. The update may take about 5 minutes to complete if the process interrupts then update again.

Instructions to Upgrade firmware of Antminer B3

  1. Find the IP address and login to your miner. Use these login details - Username: root, Password: root.
  2. Now click upgrade and choose the firmware file you downloaded and click the flash image. 
  3. Wait till the message appears, "System upgraded successfully".
  4. It the upgrade takes more than 10 minutes then upgrade it once again.

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