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I have just upgraded the firmware of Dayun Zig Z1 by following this guide. This firmware was not effective for overclocking my device. Please refer any custom firmware with high frequency adjustments and a full control on my Miner.

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To install custom firmware on Dayun Zig Z1

Here is the step-by-step guide for upgrading firmware on your device,

  • To Download the Custom firmware Click Here
  • install custom firmware on dayun zig z1Login to the web interface and enter the update page.
  • Check your current firmware version and update to the latest firmware downloaded from the link above. In case, you use the current firmware the update may fail.
  • Now click the upload button to upload the firmware which you have downloaded. After a successful upload click to the upgrade button and ensure that the page is not refreshed. After upgrading the firmware the process of mining will begin automatically.
  • Check for the new firmware version if not then search for a new firmware. To get to the stock version or previous version look for customer support where you can request the firmware.
  • You are free to comment.

About Dayun Zig Z1

dayun zig z1

In case you are not aware of Dayun Zig Z1 produces a hash rate of 6.8 GH/s for mining Lyra2REv2 algorithm coins. The power usage for mining with this Miner is 1.2KW. 

Most profitable Coin with this Miner - Galactrum (ORE)


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A complete review of Dayun Zig z1

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Try this Dayun Zig Z1 Custom Firmware, Download this firmware from here

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