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Please provide some ways to earn free RIpple without any investment.

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In this guide, we will show you some of the best Ripple (XRP) faucets for the year 2018 and 19. There are many ways to earn money online but earning with a Cryptocurrency faucet is easiest. 

What is a Ripple (XRP) Faucet?

A Ripple (XRP) faucet is a kind of promotional system which dispenses rewards for completion of tasks. There are many kinds of tasks to earn XRP such as referring friends, playing games, completing surveys, watching videos, and many more. 

The first Bitcoin faucet was developed by Gavin Andreson in 2010 which used to dispense 5 BTC per user. Now Bitcoin faucets dispense rewards in Satoshi,

1 Satoshi= 0.00000001 ฿

There are many scam websites which claim to provide rewards to the users but are not legit. Furthermore, we have collected a bunch of legit Ripple faucets which will pay even a small amount. 

is there any limit of earning rewards

No, there are no limits to earn rewards but they are in very small amounts. In my opinion, to earn maximum rewards you should perform such task which are very interesting such as games. Although, they are in very small amount but it is the safest way to enter in the Crypto space. 

Where these rewards gets stored?

These rewards are in the very small amount an XRP dispensed from a Ripple Faucet will be in a small fraction. Generally, Ripple and other Cryptocurrencies are stored in a wallet. This smallest fraction cannot be stored in a wallet so faucets use a specially designed micro-wallet for these rewards. Finally, after a bigger amount is collected the amount is automatically transferred to the desired account. This process also saves the transaction fees involved with the network. 

What is Ripple?

Ripple is an RTGS system developed by Ripple Labs in 2012 as a digital currency. This digital currency doesn't depend on the PoW algorithm system which requires high computational work. This currency don\'t need a high amount of energy to perform the secure payments as other currencies such as Bitcoin. Ripple is based on a shared database making use of validating servers to ensure integrity.

Best Ripple (XRP) Faucets

Here are some of the best Ripple XRP faucets available on the web, 

  1. 3BTC
  2. CoinFaucet
  3. XcoLander


  1. CasinoRoyale
  2. DuckDice
  3. ThrowtheDice
  4. Luckygames
  5. Bitsler




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