Common Problems with OnePlus Nord 2T 5G and Their Solutions

After using The Latest OnePlus Nord 2T 5G device many users have faced problems and issues with this device.

Don’t worry we have covered almost every problem and the solutions associated with this smartphone. Before we proceed to our troubleshooting guide let’s discuss some specs of the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G.

About OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

  • Processor: MediaTek Dimensity 1300
  • RAM: 8 GB, 12 GB
  • Storage: 128 GB, 256 GB
  • Display: 6.43 inches
  • Camera: Triple Camera
  • Battery: Li-Po 4500 mAh

OnePlus Nord 2T 5G has a 6.43 inches AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate. The phone is powered by MediaTek Dimensity 1300 processor with 12GB RAM and 256 GB of storage. It packs  50 MP (wide) + 8 MP (ultrawide) + 2 MP (macro) triple camera at the rear and a 32 MP (wide) + 8 MP (ultrawide) camera at the front. Lastly, it is powered by a 4500 mAh battery + Fast charging 80W.

Full Specifications

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Troubleshoot Common OnePlus Nord 2T 5G Problems: Heating, Bluetooth, Wifi, Network, and Charging Port Issues

We have discussed some common issues with OnePlus Nord 2T 5G with complete solutions. Please read all the steps included in this article carefully we have covered all the problems you might be facing with your smartphone.

1. OnePlus Nord 2T Overheating Problem Fix

If you are facing overheating problem with your phone try these simple methods for a quick fix:

1. Install Junk Cleaner in your OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

Using Junk Cleaners such as AVG Cleaner will clean junk files and applications to free up processor and RAM. This cleaner will increase the performance of the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G and decrease the heating.

2. Using Low Power Mode

More power means more electricity which results in more heating. You can use this mode to save battery life as well as to solve the battery-draining problem in OnePlus Nord 2T 5G.

3. Turn Off Bluetooth and other network connections

Disable network connections such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS to cool it down.

4. Using Antivirus Software

Antivirus software may be very beneficial if your phone is attacked by malicious software. Many software uses the computing power of your phone to mine cryptocurrencies so be aware of this fact. Your OnePlus Nord 2T 5G may be suffering from malware resulting in heating problems in your phone.

5. Keep it away from Direct contact with Sunlight

Sunlight can significantly heat up the hardware components of your phone which result in overheating.

6. Finally, Restart your phone

Restarting will prevent you from minor software issues.

7. Use CoolerMaster to solve the overheating problem in your device

You can use a cooling assistant such as CoolerMaster to cool down your OnePlus Nord 2T 5G. It will automatically detect the culprit software or app overheating your device and will forcefully stop it.

Check the complete guide for overheating problems with your OnePlus Nord 2T

2. Fast Battery Draining Issue on OnePlus Nord 2T / Mobile Battery Won’t Charge / Poor Battery Problem

Are you losing your battery very fast, Don’t worry follow the methods provided below to recover your phone’s battery.

1. Using Low Power Mode in OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

Power saving is a very essential feature when it comes to battery-draining issues. This feature will provide auto-brightness, limit refresh rate, and close background apps to give the best battery life.

2. Avoid Playing Games while charging

Stop playing games and using your phone intensively while charging. Give some rest to your phone, it gets stressed and causes overheating on your device.

3. Reboot your Phone

A simple reboot can fix the battery-draining issue in your OnePlus Nord 2T 5G. All you have to do is turn off your device and leave it for a few minutes and restart it. The process will give a rest to your battery and it will work normally. Many users have reported rebooting can fix some common problems in their phones.

4. Turning off connectivity options in OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

Network connection options such as Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS drain the battery in high amounts. So these should be turned off when not in use. Try to get your phone free of these battery-stressing networks such as Wifi and Bluetooth. Furthermore, it’s better to use them in need. In addition, Location service such as GPS is needed time so it’s better to use them only in need.

5. Switch off auto-brightness and shorten the screen timeout

The display is your phone’s biggest factory of a battery drain problem. So adjusting screen brightness and screen timeout is very necessary to save battery. Setting the brightness to a low level will provide more battery life than auto-brightness. The precious battery life of your phone is wasted when you are not using the phone.

6. Wipe the cache partition

The wipe cache partition is the place where all the temporary system data is stored. It enables all your multitasking capabilities and this is how you can gain control of your apps and get where you left off. If this partition doesn’t get wiped after a certain period of time it will overload and stop working.

3. OnePlus Nord 2T 5G Unresponsive screen Or Frozen Screen Issue

OnePlus Nord 2T 5G has been improved as compared to the previous products by its manufacturers. It is still getting problems like screen flickering, unresponsive display, flickering, and blinking issues. Here are some quick fixes for your display problems:

1. Check your screencard:

Before you call the service center and return your device, check if your touchscreen is working without a screen guard. If your screen guard is of low quality, it might be creating a problem.

2. Restart your smartphone: 

A simple restart can resolve your unresponsive screen problem. Hold down the power key, and choose the reboot or restart option, and your phone might get to a normal state.

3. Clear the cache: 

To Clear the cache Wipe Cache in Recovery Mode of your device use the following steps provided below:

1. Turn the phone off.
2. Hold Power and Volume Down
3. English (or pick any language that you want)
4. Wipe data & cache
5. Wipe the cache
6. Yes
7. Reboot

4. Update all apps:

Any app can cause screen problems, so update all the apps. To update all the apps go to Google Play Store > Profile > Manage apps and device > Updates available.

5. Hard Reset or Factory Reset your device:

A simple hard reset can make all the difference. Half of the issues in your smartphone can be fixed by a Factory reset. Your touchscreen may not be working properly due to some unwanted data on your device. First, create a complete backup of your phone by following this guide. For a quick clean up check the steps provided below:

Go to Settings > System > Reset Options > Erase all data (factory reset) > Erase internal storage > Erase All Data

6. To Factory Reset using Recovery Mode

  • First, switch off your phone
  • Now Hold the Power button and press both volume buttons simultaneously until the Recovery screen appears.
  • After entering the recovery mode Select the “Wipe Data / Factory reset” option by using your volume keys.
  • Press the Power button to select the “Wipe Data / Factory reset” option
  • Finally, reboot your device.

4. Bluetooth is not connecting on OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

Bluetooth is a great tool for playing around with your devices. It might be frustrating if it hangs up or doesn’t pair with your gadgets. Don’t worry we have covered all the possible solutions for your problem.

  • Make your Bluetooth is turned on:
  • Make sure your device is discoverable:
  • Check the network ranges between your two devices, put them close, and check if your Bluetooth is working.
  • Sometimes because of low battery, Bluetooth is turned off. So make sure your phone is charged.

5. WiFi Keeps Disconnecting / WiFi Problem in OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

First of all please restart your phone and check if your WiFi is working or not. If not then try the methods provided below to fix your issues.

  • Disable your WiFi network and re-enable it: Turn off your WiFi network and then activate it again.
  • Forget Connected WiFi: Remove all your previously connected WiFi networks and then add your WiFi network again.
  • Change the WiFi preference: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Preferences > Advanced > Make sure to set Always on “Keep WiFi on during sleep”.
  • Check for your phone updates: Make sure your device is updated, Go to Settings > About phone > Check for updates.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode: Enable Airplane mode and re-enable it after some time and check if your WiFi is working.

6. Cellular Network issue / Mobile Data Problem / No Signal Problem in OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

Network issues can be caused due to any hardware or software issues within the device.

  • Check if the network is working: Move your device a few kilometers away, and check if you have re-establish your network connection.
  • Re-inset your SIM card: Take out the SIM card from your phone and then again insert it back.
  • Use Airplane Mode: Enable Airplane mode on your phone, and disable it after some time. Check if the problem is fixed.
  • Reboot your device: To refresh your device perform a forced reboot on your device. If your phone’s battery is removable then detach and reattach it. If not then charge your phone’s battery for some time and then Press and hold the power button of your device until it shuts down. Press power again for some time unit your phone restarts.
  • Lastly, if your problem is not solved try factory resetting your device. The guide to Hard resetting your OnePlus Nord 2T 5G is discussed above.

7. Sluggish or Laggy User Interface of OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

We have provided some tips and tricks to fix the sluggish interface on your Android device. Read these steps carefully and apply them to your device.

  • Make sure your phone has sufficient storage left to operate. Free up your storage by removing junk files from your OnePlus Nord 2T 5G. After clearing some space your phone may get back to normal.
  • Factory Reset your device by going to Settings → System → Reset Options → Select “Erase all data (factory reset)”. After performing a factory reset on your device your phone will run faster than ever before.
  • Update all your apps, sometimes apps can slow down your phone, and a simple update can easily fix this kind of issue.

8. Phone Unexpectedly Shutting Down

Your phone must be shut down without any reason, we have covered all below:

  • Your phone’s battery is probably faulty, batteries degrade over time so we recommend replacing your degraded battery.
  • If you have downloaded many apps on your phone, then it may be suffering from high CPU and RAM usage in the background. First, restart your phone then check for the faulty app by uninstalling them one by one.
  • Check for the Schedule power on & off setting enabled in your Android device. Go to System and tap Schedule power on & off to check if this setting is enabled.

9. Not able to download any apps from Play Store

If you are not able to download applications from the Google Play store then check the guide provided below

  • Use a strong WiFi or mobile network: Sometimes due to a low internet connection, you are not able to download any apps from Play Store.
  • Clear Cache and data of Play store: Open your phone’s Settings app, Tap Apps & notifications  See all apps. Search for Google Play Store and tap on that, Tap Storage Clear Cache. Next, tap Clear data, Now open the Play Store & try downloading apps again.
  • Restart your device: To restart your device, Hold the power button on your device, now Restart and Power off options may appear, click on any option.

10. Apps and Games Crashes Unexpectedly

If the app you frequently use is crashing for no reason then there can be any one problem and solutions provided below:

  • Update your applications: Open Settings and tap Software update. Download and install if any software update available. Go to the Google Play store and update the app which is crashing frequently.
  • Force Stop App: Go to Settings and select Apps
  • Click on the app you want to force stop. Then tap Force stop
  • Restart your device: Android app freezing and the crashing problem can be solved by a simple reboot. To restart your device, First Press and hold the Power button then you’ll see Restart or Power off options.

11. Phone Not Charging in OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

Here are some quick solutions to the charging issues of your phone.

  • Restart your device: there may be some kind of glitch that can be resolved by simply rebooting your phone. To reboot your device, hold the power button and tap the Restart option.
  • Boot into safe mode: Third-party apps in the phone will not work in safe mode, if your phone is charging after entering into safe mode then the culprit may be any third-party apps installed in your device.
  • Clean the charging Port: There may be some debris accumulated in the charging port of your phone. Use a cotton swab or brush and gently clean the port.
  • Switch to a different cable:

12. OnePlus Nord 2T 5G Fingerprint Sensor Not Working

Many users have reported fingerprint sensor issues with their OnePlus Nord 2T 5G phones. To fix this problem in your smartphone read the solutions provided below.

  • Make sure you are using the same finger you have registered.
  • Check if your finger is cleaned, sometimes dust or any substance can prevent using fingerprint features. Check if the fingerprint sensor is damaged.
  • Go to Settings → Security → Fingerprint (Enter the password if prompted Enter Lock Screen Password) → Now you will see the old registered fingerprints below, on its right side there is a delete icon, click on it → Tap Delete]]

13. Unable to make or receive phone calls in OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

  • The first step to fixing your issue is by rebooting your phone.
  • Remove your SIM card and re-insert again.
  • Check if there is any update available for your smartphone, if available then download and install it.
  • Use the flight mode of your phone, enable and disable it, and Check if your network issues are resolved.
  • Reset the Network settings of your OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

14. Stop Pop-up Ads on your OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

We have provided some steps to get rid of Pop-up ads on your phone.

  • Open Settings
  • Navigate to ‘’Apps & Notifications,’’ then tap ‘’Advanced,’’ then ‘’Special App Access.’’
  • Now Tap the’ Display over other apps” option, here you will see the list of apps with permission to show pop-up ads.
  • Tap the app name which you want to get rid of pop-ups, then slide “Allow display over other apps” to the ‘’Off’’ position.

OnePlus Nord 2T 5G Remove Pop up ads

15. OnePlus Nord 2T 5G Black Screen Issue

There can be many issues that can cause a black screen or death on your phone. Here are some quick fixes for the black screen of death issue on your OnePlus Nord 2T 5G phone.

  • Button inspection: Check if all the buttons are working correctly and if none of them are jammed.
  • Reboot your device: To Force restart your device Hold down the power button and click on the “Restart” or “Power off” option.
  • Use Safe Mode: To Turn on safe mode hold Power button until it displays restart options. Now the option may appear to Reboot into Safe Mode.
  • Update Software: Check for any recent software update on your device. Go To Settings>System Updates, update your system if available.

16. Fix OnePlus Nord 2T 5G Microphone / Headphone Issue

There might be some reasons why your phone’s microphone is not working. Some software updates and hardware fixes can resolve these mic issues. Check the steps provided below:

  • Check your Mic: Use your phone’s voice recorder to check your mic. Go to your voice recording app and record your voice and save the recording. Now check If any audio was recorded.
  • Restart your phone: Hold your power button and click on the restart option, after restarting check if the mic is working.
  • Clean your Microphone: Mic holes can accumulate dirt after some time, and dust particles, and tiny debris can stuck in these holes. It is recommended to clean these holes frequently.
  • Update Software: Your phone might be facing any software issues. To check any pending software update go to “Settings -> System -> Advanced and tap on System Updates.” If not fixed after these tips then visit a nearby service center.

17. OnePlus Nord 2T 5G Display Cracked / Touch Screen not working

If your phone’s touch screen is not working after your display is cracked, then receive data from your device using the following steps:

  • Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable and create a backup of your phone. You can easily get your data by using your PC.
  • If you use an SD card on your phone then you can remove your SD card and insert it

18. Fix the Blurry Camera Issue on OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

If your phone is not able to focus quickly or facing a blurry camera issue then follow the steps provided below:

Check for operational problems

  • Sometimes a minor setting can cause blurry camera issues on your phone.
  • Eliminate shooting moving objects.
  • Give adequate space between your camera and the subject. 3-5 feet of distance is recommended.
  • If not fixed then follow the solutions provided below

Troubleshoot your camera app

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Go to Apps & Notifications.
  • Tap on the three-dot at the top-right corner to go to system apps.
  • Then select Show system apps.
  • Tap on the Camera app
  • Then tap on “Force Stop”
  • Find the “Clear Cache” option and click on it
  • Now restart your device.

Reset app preferences

Sometimes a blurry camera issue can be caused by a software conflict. To restore all the apps to their original settings follow these steps,

  • Go to the ‘Settings’.
  • Navigate to ‘System’.
  • Tap on ‘Reset options’.
  • Tap on ‘Reset app preferences.
  • Finally, Click on ‘Reset apps’.

19. Moisture Detected Error in OnePlus Nord 2T 5G

Moisture-detected error is a safety feature in Android smartphones to protect their components from corrosion. Here are some troubleshooting tips you can use to fix this moisture error.

  • Check if moisture is detected via the USB port: Power off your phone and wipe off excess water with a clean and dry cloth. Blow out the water from the port by using a blower and keep it in the sunlight for some time.
  • Don’t use your fast charger: If you are using a high-voltage charger then try using a lower one after disabling the fast charging feature on your phone.
  • Use a wireless charger: If you are not able to charge with the manual one then try using any wireless charger for some time.


We have discussed all the problems associated with your OnePlus Nord 2T 5G. Hope we have covered it all, if we are missing something then please comment down below.


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