How To Factory Reset Motorola Phones?

Here is How To Factory Motorola phones? follow the set of instructions provided on this page to erase all data from your phone.

About Motorola

Motorola Mobility was established in 2011 following the split of Motorola into two companies, with Motorola Solutions catering to the enterprise segment. Acquired soon after by Google, Motorola Mobility was sold to Lenovo in 2014.

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How To Factory Reset Motorola Pixel Phones?

  • If your phone is turned off then turn on your Motorola phone by pressing the Power key for a few seconds.
  • Now you should choose Settings and General management.
  • After that select Reset and Factory Data Reset.
  • Then tap on Reset.
  • In the end, you need to choose to “Delete all”.
  • Perfect! You have performed a hard reset operation.

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