How To Fix Nikon D850 SD Memory Card Error?

SD cards are small but are the blood of any camera. You can save hundreds of images on these chips which are as small as your thumbnails. There are many kinds of memory card errors that you can face and they are disheartening.

I remember when my 16GB Sony SD card got corrupted while clicking some photographs. It was really very discouraging as it didn’t have any backup. I asked for help online and luckily it got me fixed on my memory card. But that experience left a strong lesson as well as some learnings to fix any issue related to my SD card.

Today, I’ll be sharing some useful problems and solutions to fix your Camera’s memory card and tips to avoid such errors in the future. Before proceeding to the further solutions, check running these quick fixes.

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Nikon D850 SD Memory Card Error

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Quick Fixes for Nikon D850 Memory Card Error

1. Check if your SD Card is Physically broken

If the memory card of your digital camera is physically broken, purchase a new SD card of the same capacity or bigger in storage as well as in processing power. There are two SD card formats available, choose as per your requirements and configurations:

  • SD/SDHC Card – FAT32
  • SDXC or Shooting Movie – exFAT

2. Check if your SD Card’s Lock is Unlocked

Fix Nikon D850 SD Memory Card Error

  • First, take out the SD card from your camera properly
  • Second, Find the lock and slide it to the offside
  • Finally, re-insert your memory card back into your camera.

3. Check your SD Card Slot in your camera

If the memory card is working fine with your computer then the problem must be with the SD Card slot of your camera.

Tips To Fix The SD card slot of your camera:

  • Open the SD card slot, check if any dust covering the slot
  • Clean the dust by blowing frequently and with a cotton swab.
  • Re-insert the card back, if not working then go to a repair center.

4. Restart your Camera

There can be a common malfunction in your camera usually occurring due to a jammed lens. To fix this kind of issue turn off your camera for a few seconds and then turn it on. If the solution is not working then try resetting your device by removing the battery and memory card. Now reinsert your SD card and battery back into your camera. If the lens of your camera is jam then gently move the zoom range of your camera, remove any dust if possible. However, if this fix is not working let’s proceed to further instruction, or you can take it to any technician anytime.

5. Quick Format your SD Card

Formatting your card can be a quick solution to get ready for more clicks. But not in the case where your precious collections are not backed up. In that case, you should first recover your data, we have provided some instructions below and problems other than listed above.

Common Nikon D850 SD Card Errors and Their Solutions

Error 1: Card Locked or Write Protected

Have you got this message “SD Card Locked” while transferring files from your digital camera to your computer? This error won’t let you delete or take photos on your camera. Make sure to turn it off. Watch this video to unlock your Canon Camera.

Error 2: Built-in Memory Error

If you see such a Built-in Memory error on your Nikon D850 Camera. Then there is a possibility that your SD card is full or corrupted.

Error 3: SD Card Not Recognized

If your memory card is not recognized by your Mac or Windows PC or unable to read by your digital camera. Then simply follow these resources listed below.

Error 4: Memory Card Unable to Format

If nothing is working we should format our corrupted SD card to get it to working condition. But now while formatting your memory card some error message appears such as, “The disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now?.” Most likely your SD card is corrupted or because of some system incompatibilities, and lack of device drivers.

Here is How To Fix a Damaged MicroSD Card That Cannot Be Formatted on

Error 5: Card Locked and Forgot The Password

Unfortunately, you created a password for your memory card which is missing from your mind. It could be a hassle when you need it urgently. There is a resource that can help you to recover your forgotten password quickly.

How To Recover Lost Password from any SD Card? | from GeekDashboard

Error 6: No Valid Picture

If your phone is showing a message such as “No Valid Picture” when searching for your saved data. Then follow from the sources given below:

No Valid Picture when I switch to Play Mode | Fixya

Error 7: Empty Folder or Files Hidden or Minimized Size

If you encounter problems such as hidden files or your folder is empty where you kept all your data. So you connected your SD card to your computer now you see all the pictures and folders are now missing, or have become shortcuts. Files that used to be in MBs and GBs are now in KBs. If you are encountering such problems then your Memory card is facing malware issues.

Don’t worry here is the guide which you can follow to Fix your SD Memory Card error – How To Recovery hidden files and folders from Memory cards? | Microsoft Answers

Error 8: Formatted the card accidentally

We all humans are prone to make mistakes every day. But there are some mistakes that are almost irreversible. The data you lose on your phone was an accidental action or formatting of the card. Because your SD card deals with data some data recovery software might help to get data back in your memory card. Get some tips from the resources provided below:

16 Data recovery software |

Error 9: Unable to Format

If you are experiencing problems while formatting your Memory card you can use this guide. When the default method of formatting is not working use a third-party formatting tool on your computer.

Error 10: Not Enough Space Left

If there is not enough space left on your camera it can be very overwhelming. It is normal to have less space provided than advertised when you purchase a new card. But if it only shows 40 MB available without having any activities then it’s very abnormal. Hopefully, we have a solution to restore the lost space of your card.


SD Card Says it’s full even if it’s not– YouTube

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