How to Fix OnePlus 6T heating issue or problem?

OnePlus 6T heating issue

In this guide, we will explain How to Fix OnePlus 6T heating issue or problem?. There are some common ways in which you can fix the heating problem on your phone.

About OnePlus 6T

  • OnePlus 6T comes with an octa-core (4×2.8GHz) processor and comes with 8GB of RAM.
  • Furthermore, the internal memory of this phone is 128GB with is not expandable.
  • When it comes to the camera the phone has a 16-megapixel primary camera and 20-megapixel secondary camera. 
  • Lastly, It is powered by a 3700mAh Battery. 

Full Specifications

What is a Heating issue in OnePlus 6T?

A heating issue is when the smartphone is overused. The phone is an electronic device and it works via movement of the electricity so heating is very normal. In case, your phone is heating up unnecessarily then there may be a serious problem such as malware infection. In addition, there are some common reasons why your OnePlus 6T is heating which are discussed below.

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Common reasons for heating of OnePlus 6T?

The commons reasons for arising heating problem in OnePlus 6T are,

  1. Hardware components
  • The main culprits are the processor, RAM, battery, and screen.
  • These main components are the main reason for producing heat in your device.
  • The processor transfers the information at very high speed and the screen emits light which makes the process heated.

2.Gaming for Long Period

Gaming for a longer period can exhaust the hardware components of your device producing heat.

3. Streaming Content

Watching video content for hours can destroy the battery health with overheating the phone.

4. Incorrect Settings

The settings of your phone can also impact on the amount of energy consumption of the device. It involves high brightness, animated wallpapers and using many widgets.

5. Not Updating Apps

Apps installed on your OnePlus 6T might be suffering with a bug so you can fix them with an update.

6. Overclocking

Have you increased the Clock speed of your device then the result is only overheating and battery drain. Overclocking can increase the performance of your device but it will significantly produce heat on your OnePlus 6T.

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How to Fix the Heating issue in OnePlus 6T?

There are some Common fix for Heating issue in OnePlus 6T,

  1. Installing Junk Cleaner: Cleaning the junk apps will minimize the drain of the processor and battery. You can install apps such as apps such as AVG Cleaner, it will identify the apps which are slow and needs more performance to run. These apps will increase performance as well as extend the battery life.
  2. Use Low Power Mode: You can use Low Power mode to automatically disable the background apps and will preserve the battery life.
  3. Reducing the screen brightness: The main reason why your OnePlus 6T might get heated is high screen brightness.
  4. Turn Off Bluetooth and other network connections: Disable network connections such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS to cool it down.
  5. Using an Antivirus Software: Antivirus software may be very beneficial if your phone is attacked by malicious software. Many software uses the computing power of your phone to mine cryptocurrencies so be aware of this fact.
  6. Finally, Restart your phone: Restarting will prevent you from minor software issues.


How to take a screenshot on OnePlus 6T

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