How to delete posts from Instagram easily?

How to delete posts from Instagram

If you ever change your mind about the photos you’ve uploaded to Instagram, today we’ll see how you can hide or erase a photo on Instagram forever. Of course, we ‘re referring to the images you’ve posted yourself and not to those of other users.

Until recently, Instagram only allowed you to completely delete the photos. Then I add the option to archive photos that temporarily hides them, so you can retrieve them later if you want. We’ll see how to do this with the Instagram code, as the feature has not been included in the web edition for now.

How to delete posts from Instagram forever?

As we mentioned earlier, you can only delete your own images, so the first move is to go to your Instagram profile. To do so, tap your profile photo (or the icon that appears instead, if you use a single account instead of several).

Have your collection of photos already, touch on the photo you want to erase. Sadly, Instagram does not have multiple choices and you can remove many images at a time, however, you have to go one by one. If you’re going to delete a hundred pictures, you’ll have to follow these measures a hundred times.

Click on the menu icon at the top right corner in the picture view. This menu has all the photo-related options, including the two we are interested in today: archiving and deleting.

In the menu, tap Delete to erase the photo from your Instagram account forever. You will not be able to recover will be able to recover and all your comments, I like and others will be lost in oblivion. Given the irreversible existence of the erasure, you need to clarify your purpose before it is deleted. You have a second opportunity to rethink whether you want to delete … Oh no. If so, play in Eliminate. So below is given a guide to hiding or archive the photo which can be regained if necessary.

Hide a photo (or archive it)

Follow the above instructions to delete before you enter the context menu of the picture you want to remove. In the menu, instead of selecting Eliminate, it touches in Archiving. You will not need any clarification on this occasion: the photo is automatically covered.

How to access and restore your deleted images

Logically, the preserved images go to a kind of purgatory called the archive. You can access this section by playing the clock and arrow icon on the top bar of the screen when you enter your profile.

The Instagram file works for both Instagram stories and normal publications. If the stories archive is being shown, you may need to click on the menu to choose the Posts Archive.

Finally, if you want to retrieve a photo from your file and it is available again, tap the menu icon (1) of that photo and then select Display in the profile (2). The photo would return, as if nothing had changed, with the same feedback I like and the original date.

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