How to Hack School WiFi Password with Android?

In this post, we will explain to you How to hack school WiFi Password with Android phone. Using WiFi in School can be fun so let’s discuss some methods to hack the password.

What is a WiFi?

  • WiFi is a Wireless technology which provides the ability to connect to the internet without any physical means.
  • Furthermore, This technology can be used with WiFi enabled devices such as Laptop, PC, mobile, console and other appliances.
  • WiFi is a very popular term which is nowadays taken for granted.
  • The technology used in WiFi is a radio signal transmitter which transmits information between Wifi enabled device and the internet.
  • Furthermore, This process is the same as the radio receives sound.

How we can get the WiFi Password in Android?

There are two methods to get WiFi password either crack it or get it from the phone where it is saved. If you want to hack the School WiFi password then first you have to root your device. The second method is to find the saved password in a phone. Both the methods require a rooted device without root you cannot Find School WiFi password. We will be discussing both the methods below.

What is Root?

  • Rooting in Android is the same as performing jailbreaking in iOS smartphones.
  • It is done to get access to the Android Subsystem. Here you can see connected WiFi password. Furthermore, This root access is similar to Administrative permissions in Linux Operating system as Android uses Linux kernel.
  • Finally, After rooting your device you will be able to customize it fully.

What are the Advantages of Rooting?

  • Ad Blocking for all Applications.
  • Installing Custom ROM such as LineageOS and MIUI.
  • Greater battery life and performance.
  • More options to tweak and access to internal storage transfer.
  • Access to root files where Connected WiFi password will be available.

What are the Cons of Rooting?

  1. A wrong Rooting method can cause damage.
  2. Also, Clocking CPU can be hazardous.


  1. A Rooted Phone
  2. AndroDumpper: This app is a WPS Connect app which connects to the WPS enabled Wifi Routers that have the WPS vulnerability.

Instructions to hack School WiFi Password on Android

  1. Switch on the WPS option if WPS is not enabled on the Schools WiFi router.
  2. Now you can launch the AndroDumpper app and start scanning the WPS enabled networks as shown in the image below.
  3. How to hack schools wifi password
  4. AndroDumpper has provided many options to connect to a WiFi network such as Online and offline mode.
  5. Try Connect with no custom PIN it will try each PIN to connect it with your School’s WiFi.
  6. The School’s WiFi password can be shown in a message.

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Remember: Hacking anything is forbidden in all religions. This article is written totally for Testing and Educational purposes only.

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