How To Install jasper Package on Ubuntu 18.04

Here is How to install jasper on Ubuntu 18.04 easily, all you have to do is copy and paste the commands in your terminal.

What is jasper?

Jasper is a tool to configure preinstalled ext2/3 images that were created using the ubuntu infrastructure from the initramfs. Such as armel omap3/4 images in Ubuntu 10.10 and beyond. . It grows the system partition of a preinstalled ext2/3 image to the full size of the SD card, configures fstab, loopback networking, adds the UUID to the kernel cmdline and properly sets up flash-kernel for the kernel package post installation scripts.

How to install Jasper on Ubuntu?

First of all update your Ubuntu system with this command:

Then install install jasper package with this command use -y to speed up the process

sudo apt update
sudo apt install jasper


sudo apt install -y jasper

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