How to Install nano in Ubuntu and get a friendly text editor

Here is How to install nano in Ubuntu to use it as a friendly text editor which is inspired by Pico. Copy and Paste the commands given below in your Terminal and enjoy.

About nano

Nano is an easy to use text editor as compared to vim. It was originally designed as a replacement for Pico. So nano is a pefect replacement for Pico and also implements the features missing in Pico including :

  1. Undo/redo – line numbering
  2. Syntax coloring
  3. Soft-wrapping of overlong lines
  4. Selecting text by holding Shift
  5. interactive search and replace (with regular expression support)
  6. A go-to line (and column) command
  7. Support for multiple file buffers
  8. Auto-indentation
  9. Tab completion of filenames and search terms
  10. Toggling features while running –
  11. Full internationalization support

How to install nano in Ubuntu?

First update your system and install the nano package in your Ubuntu OS with the following commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install nano

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