How To Install Unzip on Ubuntu to decompress files and folders

Here is How to install Unzip on Ubuntu so that your can extract all the zip files easily in the Ubuntu Terminal. To install zip and unzip on Ubuntu is a frequently asked question which is answered briefly here.

So there may be many utilities to compress and decompress files in Ubuntu but we recommend to use “zip” and “unzip” utility. However, you can use both of them from your Ubuntu terminal.

Why we need Unzip Utility in Ubuntu Terminal?

We often need to compress and decompress files and folders from local server or local to a server. The process can become easier if you transfer compressed files.

How to unzip files on Ubuntu via command line interface or terminal?

To install unzip in Ubuntu use the following command:

 sudo apt-get install unzip

By using the following command you can extract it to a particular destination

$ unzip -d destination_folder

You can find more about zip and unzip Ubuntu package

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