How To Kill Operation not Permitted on Linux

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Here is How to Kill Operation not Permitted on Linux?

A User was not able to kill this operation provided below

[email protected]:~$ ps aux | grep socat
root      2092  0.0  0.0   5564  1528 pts/1    T    14:37   0:00 sudo socat TCP:xxx.17.29.152:54321 PTY,link=/dev/ttyGPS0,raw,echo=0,mode=666
[email protected]:~$ kill 2092
-bash: kill: (2092) - Operation not permitted   <--------------- How to kill ??

How To Kill Operation Not Permitted on Ubuntu/Linux?

To kill an operation in Ubuntu you first have to find out what processes are running with the following command

ps -ef

Now If you want to look up all processes running by user shark:

pgrep -l -u shark


ps -ef | grep shark

In the question above the user has not inserted sudo at the begging of the command kill 2092 so make sure you apply sudo while performing such operations. If there are any stubborn processes like this one, then use -9 signal and use sudo kill -9 ‘pid’ or sudo kill -9 2092.

The method to kill operations are provided above if your problem is not solved feel free to comment below.


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