How To Record Calls On WhatsApp On Android?

The enormous evolution of smartphone applications has enabled us to provide some services which the operator provided us with prior payment free of charge. The instant messaging is a good sign because services such as WhatsApp, Telegram Messenger or the SMS at a stroke have been erased. This is extendable to calls as these services offer an convenient way to connect with another user without paying anything. Now what if we want these calls to be recorded?

Android does not have a native way of capturing WhatsApp calls and other services, nor does it provide a direct way of doing so. Nevertheless, since we have computers that can run third-party apps, capturing such calls isn’t very difficult.

Record mobile phone calls: these are the best apps available

How to record Calls from WhatsApp on Android?

First we’ll send you a couple of ways to record all those calls on your smartphone, including from apps like Messenger, Skype or Telegram. Of course, you must take the law into account: it may be illegal to record the call without the interlocutor knowing it (even knowing it). In Spain it is not mentioned that someone who records takes part in the conversation (and does not have to alert.

Cube ACR Call Recorder

The first choice is to use an app that generically records calls, with the ability to act on VoIP communications (those using data networks to transmit audio). We have opted for Cube ACR; but some of the popular apps function as well.

You only need to install Cube ACR and configure it to detect incoming and outgoing calls: the app itself will automatically record them, whether they are regular phone calls or via messaging applications (WhatsApp, Skype, Viber …). Of course, not all devices are compatible with the VoIP call log, so this function may not be used by your mobile phone.

The program can tell you when you start Cube ACR whether you can record WhatsApp calls. Otherwise you’ll need to use one of two approaches below.

Download Cube ACR

Screen Capture to record calls on WhatsApp

WhatsApp calls and the like can be conveniently captured using screen recording applications. These will record the sound of the VoIP call and your voice as well; thus obtaining a video file with the audio inserted.

Some of the suggestions is Rec, so everybody else would. It is important to label every recording with that option, the audio option, in order to capture the audio. Then bring the WhatsApp call in hands free (through the phone speaker) and Rec will record your and your interlocutor ‘s voice as well. Video calls are real.

Download Rec Screen Recorder

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