How to Split Screen on Windows 10? – [Complete Guide]

How to Split Screen on Windows 10

Here is How to Split Screen on Windows 10? to use multiple programs at once. There are two ways to split your screen just use any method which is suitable for you.

You need to do many things at once and you have opened several windows at the same time such as performing work, checking emails and surfing on the web. The traditional way to switch applications is by using Alt + Tab. There is an efficient way to use many applications at once is by splitting the screen, we have shown a complete guide to split windows to multitask on your Windows 10  Computer.

How to Split Screen on Windows 10?

There are two methods to Split the Screen on Windows 10:

  1. By using Keys
  2. By using Mouse

Method 1 Using the Keys to Split the Screen

  • Open the two applications which you want to split
  • Now press Windows + Arrow key (Right or Left) and one screen will be shifted
  • Select the other program from Snap Assist which you want to multitask
  • Enjoy two tasks at once

Method 2: Using the Mouse to Split the Screen

  • If you have a big screen you can also snap two or more Windows on the same screen
  • Drag your first Window or Program to left or right corner and drop as soon as translucent border appears if you are happy with it.
  • Finally, The screen will be divided into the two halves

Using Mouse to Split screen in Windows 10

How to Split your Screen into four Windows?

Sometimes it is necessary to use four applications, to split screen into four windows follow the instructions provided below:

  • Use Windows + up and down keys to split your screen into two
  • First use Windows + Left arrow key to split into two halves
  • Now use Windows + Up key to split the screen again
  • Split the right screen by pressing Down key on this screen
  • Finally, you got four windows on the same screen

Sometimes to make an application window bigger you need to increase the size of a particular window. Place cursor on the corner of the window to adjust the size of the screen.

Video Tutorial to Multitask on Windows 10

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