How To Start Dosbox Full Screen Mode on Ubuntu?

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Here is How to Start Dosbox Full Screen Mode in Ubuntu easily with a few ways provided below. Many Ubuntu users are not able to get fullscreen mode in Dosbox so we have provided a guide below.

How to Install Dosbox on Ubuntu?

If you want to install Dosbox on Ubuntu then give the following command:

sudo apt-get install dosbox

How to Start Dosbox Full Screen Mode in Ubuntu?

If the Fullscreen mode is enabled in your system then use the following commands:

  • First Press Ctrl+F10 for accessing mouse
  • Then Press Alt+Enter to switch the screen to full or small

If you need to edit the configuration file and the method above is not working then you need to edit the Configuration file of Dosbox which is located at /home/user/dosbox.conf

  • Open your terminal and give the following commands
  • gedit /home/severus/.dosbox/dosbox-0.74.conf To open the configuration file of dosbox
  • Now make these changes
  • fullscreen=true
  • output=opengl
  • autolock=true
  • Finally Save the configuration file and you should be able to change it to full screen easily

If there is any other issue arising or the following methods are not working then feel free to comment below or as a Question at Infofuge Q&A Community

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