How To Install Stock ROM in OnePlus 9 Pro? [2 Easy Methods]

How To Install Stock ROM in OnePlus 9 Pro?

Here is How To Install Stock ROM on your OnePlus 9 Pro? We have shown you the easiest ways to flash the stock firmware on your phone.

Remember Sometimes while rooting or while installing custom or stock ROM, we eventually brick our android phone. There is a solution for this which is provided here on this page “Flashing new stock ROM“.

OnePlus 9 Pro Specifications

  • The phone was released on March 30 Released 2021
  • It comes with a 6.7 inches display with a resolution of 1440 x 3216 pixels
  • It packs a quad-camera of 48 MP + 8MP+ 50MP+2MP with a front camera of 16MP
  • The phone is powered by Qualcomm SM8350 Snapdragon 888 5G 8/12GB RAM and 128/256GB of storage.
  • Lastly, the phone is powered by a 4500 battery and runs on Android 11.

Full Specifications

What is Stock ROM?

Stock ROM is an operating system developed by smartphone manufacturers to attract users. Every smartphone has its unique interface and features in its stock ROM. It differs from one brand to the next, as each gadget is custom-designed by the maker. It comes pre-installed in your device by the manufacturer when you purchase it. Some companies utilize Google’s stock operating system, while others created a Stock Rom using their own operating system.

If a stock ROM is open-source such as Android, code can be accessed by the developer, edited, recompiled, and re-released for another android or Custom ROM.

Advantages of Stock ROM

  • Your phone warranty will be back.
  • Stock ROM will fix the boot loop problem on the OnePlus 9 Pro
  • Experience the original Stock Android and free from bloatware
  • Better performance with some functional improvements and smoother operation
  • By installing stock ROM will unroot your OnePlus 9 Pro, if it’s previously rooted.
  • You will be able to receive OTA updates.
  • All the bugs within the phone will be fixed.

The disadvantages of using a Stock ROM

  • Performance Issues: The manufacturer of a Stock ROM limits its performance to a bare minimum. Which reduces your device’s performance. As a result, you may experience difficulties when doing higher-level tasks on your device. Playing games with higher graphics settings, for example.
  • Apps come pre-installed: It is the characteristic of Stock ROM that many dislike the most. Pre-installed applications and features from the manufacturer cannot be removed or deleted. This unnecessarily takes up space on your smartphone.

Warning: All the tutorials/ guides shown in this article are not tested for each and every smartphone. As the process of Flashing Stock ROM is almost the same for every Android smartphone. is not responsible for loss and damage to your smartphone. Try these methods at your own risk!

Steps To Install Stock Firmware on OnePlus 9 Pro?

Below I have shown you two methods to flash Stock firmware on the OnePlus 9 Pro smartphone. You can choose any of the shown methods according to your convenience.

Method 1: Flash Stock ROM using Odin Flash tool

You need to first fulfill the below requirements before proceeding to the steps.



1. Once you have downloaded the Samsung stock firmware (.zip) for your device. Extract the downloaded firmware Zip file to a convenient file location.

2. Extract the Odin flash tool on the Computer.

3. Open the extracted folder and double click on the Odin3.exe file.

4. Connect the OnePlus 9 Pro device to the Computer while it is in Download/ Odin Mode.

Custom OS OnePlus 9 Pro

5. After connecting your device to the PC it will display the ID: COM section light up blue. Also, you will see an Added message under the log section.

6. Click on the AP button and select the firmware file.

Odin flash start on OnePlus 9 Pro
7. Under the “Options” menu, make sure Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are selected.

8. Finally, press the Start button to start the flashing process.

9. When the firmware flashing procedure is finished, you will receive a Green PASS!


Odin flash pass on OnePlus 9 Pro

10. Congrats! Your OnePlus 9 Pro device will automatically Reboot and you can disconnect your device.

Method 2: Flash Stock ROM using TWRP Recovery

1. First, Install TWRP Recovery on OnePlus 9 Pro

2. Download the OnePlus 9 Pro Stock Firmware File if available.

3. Move the Stock Samsung ROM file to your OnePlus 9 Pro Internal Storage.

4. Once done, Boot your OnePlus 9 Pro to recovery mode by holding the Power Button + Volume Down for 5 seconds.

5. Now, you should see something like this.

TWRP Recovery in OnePlus 9 Pro

6. Go to Install > Locate the Stock ROM that you have just downloaded.

7. Select the ROM file and “Swipe To Confirm Flash”

8. Wait for a couple of minutes, and once the process completes.

9. Reboot your phone.

10. You have successfully flashed Stock ROM on your OnePlus 9 Pro android phone.

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