Lenovo IDEAPAD C340 Running Slow Problem Fix

Is Your Lenovo IDEAPAD C340 Running Slow? but you can’t ignore the fact that your Lenovo Laptop will start running slowly over time. This doesn’t mean that a brand new Lenovo laptop is hanging up, freezing, and slow boot-up.

Lenovo IDEAPAD C340 Specifications

OS : Windows 10 Home
Display : 14″ (1920 x 1080)
Processor : Intel Core i3-8145U | 2.1
Memory : 512 4/4GB SDRAM
Weight : 1.65
Dimension : 328 x 229 x 17.9
Graphics Processor : Intel Integrated UHD

Full specifications

Why your Lenovo IDEAPAD C340 is Running slow?

There are some possible reasons why your Lenovo IDEAPAD C340 is getting slow. All Windows PCs can get clogged up with junk files and unused applications which may cause some performance issues such as running slow, lagging, and hanging. There are three categories of issues in which these reasons for a slow laptop may fall in:

  1. Hardware: There may be some hardware issues such as your hard drive is full and it doesn’t have much room left to relax. At the point when the hard drive is in excess of 85 percent full, your PC will slack all the more regularly. How to discover in the event that your Lenovo laptop has enough free extra room? Snap the Start or Windows catch on the left corner, at that point go to This PC on Windows 10 (or My Computer on Windows 7). Right snap on your hard drive, select Properties and you’ll see a graph enumerating how much space is accessible.
  2. Virus and Malware: Virus is made to crash your computer and steal your data. These viruses might be running in the background consuming the CPU and memory of your laptop.
  3. High-usage: You might be running all the applications at once. High multitasking will give load on your RAM which will result in an overall decline in the performance of your Laptop.
  4. Old hardware: Every hardware of the computer has a deadline as the performance decreases over time. So, if you are using an old Lenovo IDEAPAD C340 then it is recommended to sell it.

Instructions to Fix Lenovo IDEAPAD C340 Running Slow Problem

1. Install Anti-Virus

After installing Anti Virus it is sure to tune up the overall performance of your Lenovo IDEAPAD C340. Use lightweight and Free Anti-virus such as Avast and Kaspersky to get rid of such malicious programs. If your laptop is running slow while browsing then remember websites that hold many ads and the flash files will give more load to your computer.

2. Deep Cleaning Hard Drive

Avoid unnecessary applications that leave no room for your laptop’s hard drive to breathe. You can use the “Disk Cleanup” program which is pre-installed in Windows 10 and 7. Find the programs which are not in use and uninstall them manually by searching for “Add or remove programs”. If removing the application is not the solution then try removing or transferring your files to external storage. You might have some photos and projects which you probably not using on a daily basis which should be transferred to an external hard drive.

3. Close all the programs

If you are using all the programs at once then it is sure that your PC is running slow. The solution is to either increase the RAM if available or close all the programs and run the essential one. To close all the programs search for “Task Manager” after clicking the Windows Key and End task which is not in your use.

4. Update drivers and Clean register

To update drivers search for “Device Manager” and click on any device and right-click on the option. Select the “Update Driver” option and select the appropriate driver downloaded from the Lenovo support website.

5. Upgrade Hardware Components

Before taking any action to sell your Laptop you should upgrade the hardware components as it may be more profitable. Add extra RAM and replace HDD with SSD for better performance. Troubleshoot all the hardware parts and replace the faulted components with the new one.

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