Lenovo Ideapad Keyboard Not Working Problem (Solved)

Many users have complained about the Lenovo Ideapad Keyboard, not working problem which can be fixed by the methods provided on this page. Just follow the instructions provided on this page and you will get the results.

Instructions to Fix Lenovo Ideapad Keyboard Not Working

1. Restart your Laptop

  • Before beginning to any fix it is recommended to restart your computer as many problems (Hardware or Software) can be fixed instantly through a restart.
  • If restarting doesn’t work you try the second method.

2. Reinstall Keyboard Driver

  • Go to Control Panel>Device Manager
  • Expand the “Keyboards” category then right click on the option and choose “Uninstall”. When prompted choose Uninstall and press ok to continue.

Lenovo Ideapad Keyboard stopped working fix

  • Restart your Laptop and then keyboard driver will be automatically installed on your Computer.
  • If the keyboard driver is not working you can use On-screen Keyboard by clicking on the middle icon from the three provided on the right bottom of the lock screen in Windows 10.

Use On screen keyboard if Lenovo Ideapad keyboard not working properly

3. Update the Driver

  • If your Lenovo Ideapad Keyboard is not working properly then updating drivers can fix your problem. If the solutions provided above cannot resolve your problem then you can try updating drivers.
  • Download the latest Driver for your Lenovo Ideapad Laptop. All you need to do is recap the method 2 where you have to go the Device Manager page and click on the keyboards category and select on the option. Right click on the option and select Update Driver.

4. Check keyboard settings

  • Click on the Start button and Select settings or type settings and press Enter. Now choose the Time & language category.
  • On the left side choose the Region & Language option and set it to English (United States).
  • Click on the Options button and make sure the keyboard is selected to the US.

5. Perform Factory Reset

If any one of the above methods cannot resolve your problem then Hard Reset is the only option to get your Laptop in Factory state. Hard reset will remove all the data from your Laptop. Here is How to Factory Reset Lenovo Ideapad Laptops.

If these methods have not worked on your Lenovo Ideapad Laptop then Contact the manufacturer if your Laptop is under Warranty period. You can also use an external Keyboard or replace it with a new one.

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