How to Fix Plugged In Not Charging Dell Latitude Laptop

The problem of plugged in not charging in Dell Latitude Laptop can be frustrating. This problem can be either with the battery or with the charging cord of the laptop. We have provided some methods on this page which may be useful to fix this problem.


  1. Before taking any action make sure if your battery is not damaged. Check it by placing it in the working laptop if your battery is damaged then you should purchase a new one.
  2. Check if the power plug and AC Adapter for damage
  3. Make sure the power switch is on
  4. Make sure that every connection is tight and perfect
  5. Unplug every single part of the connection and replug it

IF the power plug or battery is not working then take it to the Dell Service Center.

Instructions to Fix Plugged in Not Charging Dell Latitude

1. Blowing the Power Plug

  1. Blow inside the power cord or into the end of the receptor which plugs into the laptop.
  2. Also, Blow into the power plug point of the laptop.

2. Disabling Battery Charging

  1. Click on the battery icon in the system tray in the bottom right corner of the taskbar.
  2. Click on more power option ( this will take you to the location: Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options)
  3. In the left pane of the window, click on “Dell Battery Meter”
  4. Click on the “Battery Life ” tab
  5. Finally, Click on “Disable Battery Charging” and click OK
  6. Reboot your laptop.

3. Updating the Drivers

  1. The problem may be with the drivers, Updating or reinstalling Drivers may fix the issue.
  2. To Update, Drivers Go to Device Manager
  3. Search for “Device Manager” after clicking on the Windows Button
  4. Plugged in not charging Dell Latitude
  5. Under Batteries tab Select both the options and update them by selecting “Update Driver” Under “Driver” tab.
  6. If there is no update available Click on “Disable Driver” and then “Enable Driver
  7. Finally, Restart your laptop.

4. Updating the BIOS

5. Diagnose Hardware Issues on Your Dell Computer

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