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There are some ways other than Tezos Faucet to earn some free XTZ coins without any investment. All need to do is follow some simple steps and give some time to earn free rewards.

What is Tezos?

Best Tezos faucet

Tezos is one of the most successfully crowdfunded projects which managed to attract $232 million worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2017. Since there is no proper integration of blockchain in cryptocurrencies and are highly inefficient. Tezos made a platform where smart contracts and Dapps can be built on the top of it and will be continuously developed by its community.

What is a Tezos Faucet?

Tezos faucet is a rewarding system in the form a website or an application which dispenses rewards for completing some tasks. The tasks are such as playing games, completing surveys, watching videos and referring friends.

There are some questions regarding faucets –

What is the purpose of Tezos faucet and how they are benefitted?

Cryptocurrency faucets act as a promotional service for any new coin which uses faucets as a rewarding system to provide free coins to users for the experimental purpose of the network.

Faucets generate a high amount of traffic which can be used to earn on advertisements to generate some revenue. Furthermore, This revenue is distributed among users and hosting charges are easily maintained while generating profits.

Who developed the first Bitcoin Faucet?

The first Bitcoin faucet was developed by Gavin Andreson in 2010 which use to give 10 BTC per user.

Where the rewards get stored?

Cryptocurrencies are stored in a Wallet which may be hardware or software in both PCs and Mobile application. The rewards dispensed by a faucet is in a fraction of a particular cryptocurrency and for bitcoin, the reward is in Satoshi (1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC). Furthermore, To store these fractions faucets use Micro-Wallet which collects a bigger amount and automatically transfers the rewards to the user’s address.

Best Tezos Faucet and ways to earn free XTZ

There is no Tezos faucet discovered on the web but you can earn free coins and can easily convert them into XTZ. Here are some of the best faucet sites on the web,

  1. Luckgames.io – Earning some free coins without investment may be a boring job but you can easily earn while playing games. Luckygames provides a DICE gambling game where the user can choose a number from 1 to 98 and a direction of prediction (Under/Over). Furthermore, After choosing your number DICE will automatically choose the lucky winner. There are 76 different cryptocurrencies available on this site.
  2. faucethub.io – One of the biggest and legit faucet site on the web. It provides Multiple currency support, advanced security, SSL support, API, and On-site chat. Also, You can play games such as Multi-coin lottery, Rock-paper bitcoin and Rambo Bitcoin DICE.
  3. Also, Here is the Premium Faucet list to earn free Bitcoin – Click here

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