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After reading this post you will able to hard reset Nubia X, Forget password recover, wipe cache partition on Nubia X and Factory reset this phone.

To hard reset Nubia X, you have to follow some simple steps which we will be discussing in this article. Before getting started with the process we will discuss the specs and performance of this phone.
About ZTE Nubia X

ZTE Nubia X is released in the month of November 2018. This smartphone comes with the latest Android OS 8.1 oreo. To give performance it uses Snapdragon 845 with Octa-core processor. It comes with a 6GB RAM and 64GB of internal memory which cannot be expanded. Nubia X uses a 3800mAh Non-removable Battery. Color variants for this device are – Blue gold, Sea blue, Deep gray, Black Gold. This all may cost you for 450EUR.
How to hard reset Nubia X?
It is very simple to hard reset this device. Here are some steps to be followed in order to hard reset ZTE Nubia X,

  • First of all, Turn off your phone and wait for a few seconds.
  • When your phone is successfully powered off, hold down the Volume up key and Power key for a few seconds.
  • As soon as the boot mode page will appear to release all the keys and start with the process of hard resetting Nubia X.
  • Now navigate to the recovery mode by using Volume Up key and for selection use Volume down button.
  • In the next step, you have to choose to wipe data/factory reset by selecting using the volume down button. To choose the option hit the power key.
  • Now choose “yes” by accepting it by the power button.
  • After entering again into Recovery Mode we have to choose reboot now.
  • I hope this might be useful, you are free to comment.

Wipe Cache Partition on Nubia X
To wipe the cache you have to follow the method of opening the boot menu explained above.

  1. Again, Turn off your phone
  2. Hold Volume Down and Power key at the same time for a few seconds until the boot menu appears.
  3. After the boot page appears you have to leave all the buttons. Select the recovery mode by using the Volume Up key and selecting with the down key.
  4. Recovery mode has many options such as Factory reset, reboot and wipes cache partition.
  5. For wipe Cache partition on ZTE Nubia X, you have to select the option by using volume down and up keys and power key for selection.
  6. Wait for few seconds after completion of the process the recovery page will automatically appear.
  7. Now reboot your phone.

How to take a screenshot on ZTE Nubia X?

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