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Antminer D3 is not profitable due to which it may be necessary to overclock Antminer D3 to mine Blake256R14 algorithm with a maximum hash rate of 10Th/s to make it profitable. Overclocking to such an extent will decrease the durability and life of the miner and in the worst case will destroy your device.

Check Profitability of Antminer D3

If overclocking is possible try with low increments of frequency and increase it step by step. Increasing the hash rate from 7.8Th to 8Th may be a safe process and can be profitable.

Warning: Overclocking will void 6 months warranty provided by Bitmain

You have to take some precautions regarding overclocking,

  1. Overclocking is the process of configuring the hardware components to work faster or increase performance which is generally done by increasing frequency. In this process, other components such as RAM are also involved which makes this process more heated. One should take care of overheating which can be stabilized using external fans and Air conditioner.
  2. As the working of the Miner increasing power consumption also increases and in such case, if an adequate power supply is not provided the device may destroy resulting burned boards.

We have tested this tutorial on Antminer T9 and S9 so overclocking Antminer D3 will be on your own risk,

  1. Login using SSH (You can use free software Putty and your device IP address such as
  2. Username: root, Password: root
  3. Select Miner configuration > Advanced settings
  4. To measure the change you should note down the currency frequency, hash rate and temperature of your Antminer.
  5. You will be provided with options to increase the frequency of the device. Don’t increase more than 100M.
  6. If you have successfully increased your device frequency, the hash rate should increase, check now.
  7. Enjoy new hashrate.
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