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To overclock Antminer S2 we need to increase the device’s frequency but before starting with the process of overclocking you should be aware of the pros and cons of overclocking. First, let’s discuss Antminer S2, this device is the successor of the Antminer S1. Bitmain started conquering the mining market with these two devices and I think many mining farms still have stock of these devices. But still there is a demand for Antminer S2 in the market and we can sell our pieces in areas where Bitcoin mining is a new opportunity. Antminer S2 comes with a maximum hash rate of 1Ths for mining SHA-256 algorithm coins for mining bitcoins.

First of all read – is it safe to overclock Antminer? 

For overclocking Antminer S2

  1. Go to advanced settings –  http://192.168.x.x/cgi-bin/minerAdvanced.cgi (as per your device’s IP)
  2. Now to go to advanced settings tab and increase your miner’s frequency by 100M
  3. Enjoy new hash rate
  4. If not works then comment

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