Hello Friends! I have recently decided to overclock my ASICminer 8 nano pro’s Profitability. Mining Bitcoins are reducing but it will be a game changer in coming years. People who are interested to invest in bitcoins are looking for a stable market. The Volatile market is discouraging crypto enthusiasts to play with Bitcoins. Companies are looking for profound blockchain developers to support their company financially by keeping a Coin as a funding source. We should not neglect the power of Bitcoin or inventor of Blockchain. Bitcoin will remain king despite all incorrigible bugs and slow transaction process.

Check ASICminer 8 nano pro’s profitability 

ASICminer 8 nano pro is profitable though it consumes the high power of 4000W it also provides a maximum hash rate of 76TH/s which is very precious. Can we increase operating frequency of this machine and increase hash rate to 80TH/s.

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