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I want to download a Windows 10 64-bit ISO file from kickass torrents.

My questions are

  •  Is it safe to download cracked Windows 10 operating system from such torrent sites?
  • Is it legal to Download Windows 10 crack?
  • Is there any other site to download this crack?
Answered question

Everyone knows that torrenting is illegal and to download Windows 10 64bit crack from kickass you need to play safe. In this article, we will explain why torrenting is illegal for downloading Windows 10 crack.
What is Torrenting?
Torrenting is the use of the BitTorrent protocol for downloading large files such as Windows 10 64-bit ISO file, movies, games and more. If you want to use a BitTorrent protocol then you have to access a torrent site such as Pirates Bay or Kickass. To understand how torrenting works lets discuss BitTorrent briefly.

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What is BitTorrent?
BitTorrent Protocol is a kind of decentralized exchange which is also used in Ethereum Blockchain. The torrent network was introduced in order to decrease the cost of holding large files on the server. The network is very effective for downloading large files and handling mass users at low bandwidth.

The image shown above is the process of uploading and downloading followed by the BitTorrent protocol. There is a difference in the traditional downloading and peer-to-peer downloading system. The process involves computers like yours and mine which are connected to the network. The files are uploaded and downloaded in the pieces. For example, if you want to download a file from the network it will be downloaded from the people who have already downloaded and saved the file in their drives. People who don’t allow the files to get downloaded at excluded out of the network.
Is torrenting safe?
Generally, downloading torrents are very tempting as web users want all the resources fast and for free. Furthermore, to fulfill the demand of the users these websites go illegal. In addition, they start distributing copyright materials, cracked OS and games, latest movies and porn for free. So the questions come to the mind – is it legal to download torrents? what if I caught torrenting? is it risk-free?

It may or may not be safe to download torrents as authorities cannot catch everyone for infringements of their rights. But there are risks involved in torrenting such as infected material, it may contain malware to track your data. However, there is a way to safeguard this act by using a VPN.

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Is it safe to Download Windows 10 crack from Kickass?
No, it is never safe to download Windows 10 Crack. There are some risks involved with downloading OS such as it may contain some infected files which may harm your computer. Torrents are distributed by its users and since it is a cracked version there are chances of a data leak.

Remember: Torrenting is illegal and many torrenting sites have been banned by Government involving Kickass Torrents.

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