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I’m overclocking my Antminer S9 but is it safe to do this job?

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Yes, your miner can produce more than 14TH/s hashes. Antminer gives you the option to increase the frequency of your Antminer. Before starting with overclocking your device you should be aware of what overclocking is and what are the disadvantages of overclocking?

Overclocking overclocking

It refers to making computers work faster than their capacity. Overclocking is the configuration of hardware components of the computer to increase frequency which is measured in MHz and GHz. Operating voltage is increased in order to maintain the operational stability at accelerated speeds.

Purpose of Overclocking

By increasing speed CPU’s or GPU’s gaining additional performance.

Demerits of Overclocking

Overclocking is method triggering main processor or graphics controller, but systems such as RAM are also involved in this process which leads to an increase in power consumption and fan noise. Overclocking process heats the components of CPU, due to this many manufacturers gives the extra functionality of safety to deal with operating conditions outside the control of manufacturers.

The Process of Overclocking Antminer S9

Beware in the worst case your miner can die and you can lose your device. So, play safe.


Purchase a Higher Watt PSU 

[catlist name=technology]
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