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There are no VeChain Faucets available because of VeChain just a startup which was crowdfunded through an ERC20 token or working on Ethereum Blockchain. But don’t worry VeChain’s Mainnet will be launched soon Since According to CoinmarketCap, VeChain has a rank of 19, Market Capital of $760,168,047 and is currently trading at $0.13 which shows this startup is successfully funded.

Wait until official blockchain launches which will be known as ‘VeChain Thor’ than free promotional tokens will be available on the web. Currently, there is no supported faucet to receive rewards.

What is VeChain?

VeChain is a decentralized platform for the business institutes and focuses on applications such as inventory and tracking. The method used by this platform is called proof-of-authority algorithm.

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Meanwhile, you can purchase some VET from Binance

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