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Vladimir Answered question

MicroBT WhatsMiner D1 Review: – Model Whatsminer D1 is also known as Whatsminer DCR 44Th/s, D10V1. This machine gives the hash rate between 40Th/s – 44Th/s for the power consumption between 2000 – 2200W. WhatsMiner D1 uses FinFET chip to give an extra performance at low operating power to provide ROI in less amount of time. The size and weight of this ASIC machine are 8500g and 130 x 220 x 390mm.

Price – $4198 (Including PSU) from the official distributor – Pangolin

Profitability – ROI has been declined by more than 50% since the date of the announcement. This product will be delivered by Pangolin on December 15, 2018, so profitability may decrease. This device may be ahead of the competition for mining Decred but the price of DCR has declined significantly. Another benefit of purchasing this device is its power efficiency and you will save from electricity costs.

Model Whatsminer D1 will be releasing in the month of November 2018.

[catlist name=technology]
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