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Recently, I have purchased a new Whatsminer D1 with PSU from Pangolinminer. In my opinion, overclocking this miner up to 10% can increase the profitability of Whatsminer D1. Please provide a way to increase the hash rate of this machine.

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Matt Roberts Edited question

Currently, there is no method available to overclock Whatsminer D1 as this device is relatively new in the market. Please wait for some time till the development such as a custom firmware comes for this miner.
Whatsminer D1 Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Pangolin
  • Hash Rate: 44TH/s
  • Mining Algorithm: Blake 14r
  • Power consumption: 2200W
  • Weight: 5Kg

Check Whatsminer M10’s Profitability – Return Calculation

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Matt Roberts Edited answer
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