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What is Meteor?

Meteor is a full stack framework which works best for real-time web applications. It is the first framework, which is fully embraced in the single page app (SPA) development and provides all the necessary tools.

1. Meteor is purely written in JavaScript and includes all the tools such as Templating engine, Model, on-the-fly compiling, bundling for building single page apps.

2. It supports out of the box development environment such as live reloading, CSS injection and support for many pre-compilers (LESS, CoffeeScript, etc.

3. Using meteor-build-client,  you can get all the frontend code as single index.html with one jsand css.Then host it by simply runningindex.html itself or distribute it later on the swarm.

4.  Meteor has a great model called Minimongo, which gives you an interface for a reactive in-memory database just like MongoDB.

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