How To Take A Screenshot on An Android Device?

Taking a screenshot on an Android device is very easy. Here are some tricks you can apply to take a screenshot on your device.

How To Take A Screenshot on An Android Device?

How To Take A Screenshot on An Android Device?

1. First, Hold the power button for a few seconds. Then a message popup should appear with the options to “Power Off the device”, “Restart the device” and “Take a Screenshot”

If the method above doesn’t works then try this instead:

2. Hold the power button down, and then press the Volume Down button. This was common in many Sony and Samsung Phones.

Using Google Assistant To Take A Screenshot

In case the above methods are not working or you don’t want to use your hand then use Google Assistant. This software can do many things on your instructions including taking a screenshot. You just need to say “OK Google, take a screenshot,” and the picture or snap will be saved in the Screenshots folder.

Using Apps To Save your Screen

There are always some apps that can do your work if the above methods are inconvenient for you. Smartphones have some different ways to take a screenshot and in case the methods above are not working you can use one of these apps. These two apps are the best available for screen capturing on the play store.

1. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen recorder is on the top of the list as it is the best screenshot app available on the Play Store. The app can help you to capture the screen, record the screen, edit saved videos, etc.

2. Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta

Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta is in its early stage but it is best due to its distinguishing features from the competition. It provides a floating button on your screen, just by clicking that button a screenshot can be captured and stored on your device. Other features include scanning the text from screenshots and copy-paste them into documents.

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