How To Unblock GoGuardian in Chromebook? [in 5 Easy Steps]

To make sure kids are using the internet properly and safely, schools and educational institutions utilise the well-known web filter and monitoring programme GoGuardian. To access specific websites or resources, you might occasionally need to unblock GoGuardian. We’ll walk you through how to unblock GoGuardian in this guide.

How Can a Chromebook Unblock GoGuardian?

Follow some simple steps below to unblock Goguardian on your Chromebook

Step 1: Check if GoGuardian is the issue

It’s crucial to ascertain whether GoGuardian is the root of your problem before attempting to unblock it. Try accessing a website or resource from a different device or network if you’re having trouble doing so. If you can access it from another device or network, GoGuardian might be the problem.

Step 2: Contact your school’s IT department

The next step is to get in touch with your school’s IT department if GoGuardian is the problem. They can assist you in unblocking GoGuardian so you can access the website or resources you require. They could also be able to offer you substitutes or workarounds.

Step 3: Use a VPN

You might try using a virtual private network, if you are unable to reach your school’s IT staff or if they are unable to assist you in unblocking GoGuardian (VPN). Bypassing any GoGuardian restrictions or blocks, a VPN enables you to connect to the internet through a safe and encrypted connection. It’s crucial to keep in mind that utilizing a VPN can violate your school’s rules, so proceed with care.

Step 4: Use a proxy

By using a proxy server, GoGuardian can also be accessed. By acting as an intermediary between your device and the internet, a proxy server enables you to get beyond any filters or blocks implemented by GoGuardian. But, using a proxy server can be prohibited by your school’s rules, just as using a VPN.

Step 5: Use a different browser

You might try using a different browser if you are unable to utilize a VPN or proxy service. GoGuardian filters or blocks might not apply to some browsers, allowing you to access the website or resource you require. It’s vital to keep in mind that using a different browser can still be prohibited by your school’s rules and that this might not always be the case.


In conclusion, unblocking GoGuardian could be required in some circumstances, such as when using a website or resource that the software has blocked. Yet when doing so, it’s crucial to use prudence and abide by your school’s rules and regulations. Don’t be afraid to ask your school’s IT department for help if you’re unable to unblock GoGuardian on your own.

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