Where are the Contacts in Gmail? [Solved]]

Many people are asking about the Contacts in Gmail since Google has updated Gmail. There are some new and great Gmail features listed on this page, from adding to editing Contacts.

About Gmail

Gmail is a free email service created by Google. Clients can get to Gmail on the web and utilizing outsider projects that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP conventions. Gmail is written in JavaJavaScript, and Ajax programming languages. It was developed by ‎Paul Buchheit and launched on April 1, 2004. Gmail provides several GB of storage for free to its users and enables clients to be inert for as long as nine months. Numerous comparable e-mail services require a login at any rate once in at least 30 days to keep a record dynamic.

Where are the Contacts in Gmail?

  1. Go to mail.google.com or your Gmail application

2. Now Select the Apps icon placed in the upper right sideContacts tab in gmail

3. Now Click on More and select “Contacts” from the list

Where are the Contacts in Gmail

4. After selecting Contacts icon from the menu you will be redirected to https://contacts.google.com/ which you can directly access or bookmark this page in your browser.

Instructions to use Gmail Contacts

Contacts in Gmail

After selecting Contacts in the left side:

  • You can open every one of your contacts or simply the featured contacts.
  • Import contacts from different suppliers.
  • View your most reached individuals.
  • Structure of new gatherings of contacts.

Features of Gmail Contacts

There are many useful features which Google provides in its Contact Manager.

  • Gmail Contacts enables you to rapidly import, fare, or print a whole rundown of contacts.
  • Gmail monitors individuals you contact again and again and adds them to a Frequently Contacted list. You would then be able to add those individuals to your primary contact list.
  • The duplicate contacts—are automatically cleaned up, so you don’t want to worry about them. If you need to check for copies, select Duplicates in the left board of the Google Contacts screen.
  • Gmail Contacts naturally combines data and information that your contacts share.
  • Grouping contacts can be done so that you can manage your business and personal contacts separately.

Reviews of Google Contacts

1. Rating 5/5


Google Contacts keeps all contact data of my companions, family, relatives, and everybody I impart. As a long-lasting Android client, Google Contacts has consistently been my assistant. At whatever point I change my telephone, or even I’m not utilizing my telephone, I can generally approach my contacts, wherever I go. I additionally don’t have to fill a similar contact data over and over to my different gadgets—I can simply go to my Google Contacts and it’s everything there!


I don’t have anything against Google Contacts. I can’t envision utilizing some other contact the executive’s stage. It’s best for me

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