How To Wipe Cache Partition in Android Smartphones?

Here is How To Wipe the Cache on an Android phone? follow the step-by-step instructions provided on this page to clean the cache of your phone. After performing this process on your device your phone will work faster and smoother.

What is Wipe Cache Partition?

This operation will remove junk files from your phone. After performing this process you will receive a quicker and refreshed device. Wiping the cache is the best way to optimize your device. So if your phone is suffering from lagging or performing slowly then you should definitely try to wipe the cache partition to help your device work smoother. However, this method is really very safe and it will not affect your personal files, it only removes temporary cache files. Furthermore, it can also help in solving some other issues such as overheating and battery-draining problems in your phone.

How To Detect The Need To Wipe Cache Partition?

It is very simple to detect the need for a cache cleaning on your device. Most users find their phones performing slowly while watching movies/videos and playing games. The problem is very common with older models as newer apps consume require intensive usage of RAM and processors. Although lagging can also be caused by a badly designed app that’s another topic or issue. However, the easiest way to remove junk files and optimize your phone is by wiping the cache partition from your device.

Instructions To Wipe Cache on Android phone

  1. Power off the device
  2. Press and hold the power button and volume up button until the recovery mode appears
  3. Use volume buttons to highlight “Wipe cache partition” and use the power button to select
  4. Choose, Wipe Cache Partition
  5. Select the “Yes” option when prompted to confirm
  6. Once the process is completed you can reboot your device

Finally, You may have wiped out the cache partition of your phone. Now you will notice that your phone will perform better, using multiple apps will be fun, and it’ll be restarted very quickly.

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