Best Wireless Earphones in 2021 [Top Rated Earphones]

One of the trends of recent years in mobile technology is the rejection of the 3.5 connectors. The first brand to come up with this design solution was Apple. Following, other manufacturers stopped equipping smartphones with headset output. On the one hand, this is inconvenient, but the huge selection of Bluetooth headphones has mitigated this unpleasant moment. From the point of view of practicality, this option is even better: there are no wires that are constantly confused, and the plug will definitely not break, which is considered the most common breakdown. Below is a ranking of the best wireless headphones of 2020 and tips on how to choose them.

Best Wireless Earphones in 2021 At A Glance

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Which Best Wireless Earphones to choose from in 2021?

1. Having come to the decision to buy the best wireless earphones in 2021, the user will be faced with the fact that there are different types. At first, glance, understanding the differences is not easy. But they are and can become an argument when choosing.

The earbuds are placed in the auricle, have a universal size, which is not always convenient, as they can weakly hold and will fall out. They can pass sound outside, and loud music will be heard by people around them.

2. The plugs (in-channel, vacuum) differ from the earbuds by the presence of soft earpads of different sizes, thanks to which the earphone fits more tightly in the ear canal, does not fall out, and in addition, better sound insulation is achieved. Such models invariably top the rankings of wireless headphones.

3. Overhead – models with a headband, have a small headphone size and literally overlap on the ears. They have good sound quality, quite portable, but can put pressure on the head. As a rule, using such devices for a long time is not very convenient.

4. Full-size – these are the largest headphones that completely cover the ear. They are the best in sound quality, convenient for long-term use, but they are very problematic to carry around constantly since they take up a lot of space.

Important! In addition, the first two types can be made with and without wire. In the first case, the headphones are interconnected by cable, in the second they work separately from each other (AirPods and analogs).

Having decided on the type, you should look at the important parameters.

  1. Sensitivity is measured in decibels, affects the volume. The required minimum is 90 dB.
  2. The frequency range affects the quality of playback. The wider it is, the more you can hear.
  3. Impedance directly affects the volume. The lower the resistance, the louder the sound. The standard is 32 ohms.
  4. The main disadvantage of Bluetooth headphones is that they can sit down at the wrong time. When choosing, it is worth considering the autonomy of the model based on personal needs.
  5. The presence of a microphone allows you to use headphones as a headset and control your voice (you need the support of a voice assistant).
  6. The best wireless headphones have an output for connecting a cable. Convenient if the battery suddenly runs out.
  7. Sports fans should pay attention to the presence of moisture protection in the accessory.

Where is it better to buy headphones – in the store or order with Aliexpress? The second option is cheaper, but when choosing you should give preference to models from well-known brands or with positive reviews. You should not choose the cheapest accessories since even in the case of declared decent performance, such devices rarely correspond to them.

The 2020 wireless headphone rating is divided into 3 parts by the form factor described above. All models can be bought in domestic stores, they have high marks from the owners and are relevant as devices that will not become obsolete in the coming years.

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