Best Zencash Mining Pools: Top ZEN Mining Pools for 2019

In this post, you will get to know some Best Zencash Mining Pools for the year 2018. These ZEN mining pools may increase your profits.

What is ZenCash (ZEN)?

  • ZenCash has highly attracted the Miners and crypto enthusiasts with its privacy enabled functionality. ZenCash (ZEN) is also known as the grandson of Bitcoin.
  • It is a Blockchain which is a public, private and anonymous transactions, communications, and publishing.
  • Zencash is symbolized by ZEN and currently, it has a total supply of 21 million ZEN.
  • It is the backbone of ZEN Network.

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Where to Buy ZenCash (ZEN)?

ZEN is available on many exchanges including Bittrex, Coss.Io, UPbit, and Cryptopia.

Where to store ZenCash (ZEN)?

ZenCash can be stored in many wallets which are supported by operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Available ZenCash Wallets

  • Arizen and Swing wallets
  • Web wallet
  • Android
  • Lastly, Paper wallet

ZenCash (ZEN) Stats

  • Algorithm – Equihash

What is a Mining Pool?

A mining pool is a tool to connect the miners or crypto workers who want to mine blocks by using their computing power. A mining pool connects these individual miners into a group where they share computing power and receive rewards equally according to their contribution. Mining pools are beneficial because an individual miner may take centuries to mine blocks in such mining difficulty. However, the best mining pool means more members and lesser time to mine blocks

Best ZenCash Mining Pools

Here are the Best ZEN Mining Pools,

  1. – Mining Pool fee is currently 0% with 100% rewards to the ZEN block miners.
  2. Luckpool – It has features such as Miner’s Jackpot, Optional Staking Rewards, Anonymous mining, Customized thresholds, and Miners can set the desired difficulty. In addition, the Miner’s Jackpot benefits are for both large and small miners.
  3. Miningpoolhub – This site has a wonderful user interface with many coins supported including ZenCash. Miningpoolhub is one of the best ZEN pools available in 2019.
  4. Zhash – This pool is simple, efficient, easy going and provides transparent mining with live support.

In conclusion, all the ZEN mining pools available above are efficient enough for mining on a large scale with profits.




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