Zencash Wallet: Hardware Wallet, Web Wallet, and Paper Wallet

In this post, we will let you know the Zencash Wallet such as ZEN Hardware Wallet, Web Wallet, and paper wallet. These wallets will let you store your ZEN coins safely.

What is ZenCash (ZEN)?

  • ZenCash has highly attracted the Miners and crypto enthusiasts with its privacy enabled functionality. ZenCash (ZEN) is also known as the grandson of Bitcoin.
  • It is a Blockchain which is a public, private and anonymous transactions, communications, and publishing.
  • Zencash is symbolized by ZEN and currently, it has a total supply of 21 million ZEN.
  • It is the backbone of the ZEN Network.

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What is a ZenCash Wallet?

A Zencash Wallet is a software which is programmed to store private and public keys and enable it to interact with the different blockchain. If you are familiar with Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin then you might have used the wallet to send, receive and store cryptocurrencies.

Zencash Desktop Wallet

It can be installed on PC which is accessible on that particular PC where it was installed. These Zencash desktop wallets are at the top of the list as they are the most secure wallets and there are fewer chances of getting hacked.

List of available Zencash Desktop Wallets

  1. Windows Wallet
  2. macOS
  3. Linux

Zencash web wallet or Online Wallet

It is a cloud-based wallet that is accessible from anywhere on any device connected to the internet. These Zencash Web wallets are vulnerable to attacks as they are stored by third-party which makes them more vulnerable to attacks.

Available Zencash Web Wallet

Mobile Wallet

It is easily accessible anywhere in your hands and can be used for a daily purpose such as retail. They are smaller than Zencash desktop wallets.

Available Zencash Mobile Wallet

  1. Zen Wallet: It is an official Android wallet for storing ZEN and to receive payments reliably and instantly.

Zencash Hardware Wallets 

It is the most privacy-enabled wallets which are used for bigger amounts. Private-keys are stored in a hardware device like a USB stick. They are stored offline and can be transacted online keeping away from danger. Furthermore, the Zencash hardware wallet is the safest place to keep your ZEN coins safe.

List of available Hardware wallets for Zencash

  1. Ledger Nano S: It is one of the most popular and secure Hardware wallets available for ZEN. All your private keys can be secured using Ledger Nano S, and it is designed to resist attacks. Ledger uses a unique proprietary operating system know as BOLOS which is developed by Ledger. Using Ledger Nano S is very easy, just connect with the USB port and transfer your all crypto tokens in your secured wallet.
  2. Xeeda: It is a first mobile hardware wallet that is accessible from anywhere, anytime, instantly.
  3. Cool Wallet S: It is a Mobile hardware wallet of choice for many of the world’s crypto leaders.

Zencash Paper Wallet

As the name denotes a Paper wallet where private keys are printed on a paper and kept safely. Zencash Paper wallet is an offline method to store ZEN. However, this method is not as safe as Hardware wallet because private keys can be misplaced or stoled.

Available Zencash Paper Wallet

  1. Zenpaperwallet

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