How to Access Steam Chat Logs to read old conversations?

How to Access Steam Chat Logs

Here is How to Access Steam Chat Logs if you want to read your old conversations with your friends then read this guide given below.

How to access Steam Chat Logs?

Steam does not hold your chats or logs and not in your local machine as well. Currently, under new EULA agreement Steam does have permission to review your chat logs which are hidden in web servers. However, it may be possible to access your chat logs by using a 3rd party support which will require some login details of your Steam account. But there are other ways in which you log your Steam Chats for future use such as

  1. Chat Logger++ can be used to capture and log your Steam chats which is a safe solution and it doesn’t require any administrative rights. But there are some risks involved in this method as a 3rd party may steal your precious data for their personal benefits. So it is advisable to follow the next method.
  2. Steam mobile app: Once you install the Steam mobile app on your smartphone you can have access to your previous chats or messages send to your friend which may not be possible on desktop. All you have to do is launch your app and select Hamburger Menu on iOS and Android and then press chat.

Finally, now you know the methods to access Steam Chat Logs to read your old conversations with your friends and if you have any questions regarding this feel free to comment below.

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