Lenovo Legion Y720 Black Screen on Startup Problem (Solved)

If you are facing Lenovo Legion Y720 Black Screen on startup issue then here is the fix to your Lenovo Legion Y720 screen goes black but still running problem. Here are many steps to resolve your issue.

About Lenovo Legion Y720

  • Lenovo Legion Y720 comes with a 15.6 inch Full HD LED Display with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • It is powered by Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor with the RAM of 32GB DDR4 RAM and the storage of 2TB HDD.
  • The graphics are powered by 6GB GDDR5 Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU.
  • Lenovo Legion Y720 has a promising battery life of 5 hours.
  • Lastly, Windows 10 Home 64-bit Edition is pre-installed.

Full Specs

Steps to Fix Lenovo Legion Y720 Black Screen Problem

Step 1: Performing Hard Reset

  • Resetting the pc will resolve several problems that cause a blank screen.
  • Remove the battery from your Laptop. (if not removable then skip this step.)
  • Disconnect the power link from your PC.
  • Press and hold the power button on your PC for around one moment.
  • Plug-in power again and turn it on.
  • Turn off your PC.
  • Connect the battery to your PC and turn it on.
  • Continue to the next step if a hard reset didn’t resolve the problem.

Step 2: Connecting an external monitor to check the problem

  • The screen would possibly stay black once there’s a corrupted graphics driver or a haul with the LCD display back lightweight.
  • To check your laptop attach an associate external monitor and restart the pc.
  • This check is useful if the show is black however you’ll hear that the pc is working your Laptop connected to associate external monitor
    Connect an associate external monitor your Lenovo Legion Y720.
  • For directions, see Connecting a Monitor, Projector, or TV (Windows 10 and 8).
  • If the pc screen doesn’t show on the external monitor, press F4 (or the key with this image ) till the screen image displays.
  • If a picture displays on the external monitor, there could be a graphics driver conflict with your Laptop’s LCD display.
  • With the external monitor connected, move to Lenovo client Support – software system and Driver Downloads. transfer and install the newest graphics and chipset drivers for your specific laptop.
  • If associate updated BIOS version is offered, see change the BIOS for steps to put in it.
  • If the screen remains black when changing the chipset and graphics drivers and BIOS, the alphanumeric display could be defective.
  • Contact Lenovo for technical help or send the Laptop for service.
  • If you’ll hear sounds of operation however no image is visible on either show, move to consequent step.

Step 3: Recovering the BIOS

  • When you upgrade the BIOS on your Laptop, your drive stores a replica of the previous BIOS version.
  • As long because the drive remains purposeful, you’ll recover and install the last sensible version of the BIOS.
  • Use these steps though you can not see something on the monitor:
  • Turn off your PC.
  • Connect your Lenovo Legion Y720 to an influence supply mistreatment the ability adapter.
  • Press and hold the Windows key and also the B key at an equivalent time whereas the pc is off.
  • While still pressing each key, hold down the ability button for one second, then unharness the ability button and also the keys.
  • The power diode lightweight remains on, and also the screen remains blank for concerning forty seconds. you would possibly hear beeping sounds.
  • Afterward, associate Lenovo Legion Y720 BIOS Update screen displays, and also the BIOS update begins.
  • If recovering the BIOS didn’t resolve the blank screen drawback follow the next step.

Step 4: Reinstalling the RAM

  • Turn Off your PC and detach the power plug and the battery from your Laptop.
  • Remove the spread on the memory module compartment on the back of your PC. (You may need to check the manual or the official aides of your item for directions on the best way to do this.)
  • Remove the memory from your workstation.
  • Rub the golden contact of your RAM with an eraser. (This can clean the golden contact of your RAM.)
  • Install the memory back to your Lenovo Legion Y720.
  • Place the memory module compartment spread back to your Laptop.
  • Turn on your workstation and check whether your issue is fixed.
  • However, if your problem is not fixed till now feel free to contact Lenovo

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