How To Increase The WiFi Speed on an Android Phone?

Are you experiencing with a low internet speed connection with WiFi? We will help you to increase the WiFi speed on an Android Smartphone. 

What is a WiFi?

Wi-Fi is a radio technology which provides the ability to device for connecting to the internet wirelessly. The technology used in Wi-Fi enables to transmit between your connected devices and the internet. 

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Factors affecting the speed of WiFi

  • Distance from the router: It is the main reason why the Wifi speed of your Android Smartphone is low. Wifi can transmit signals to very low distance. The wifi connection becomes weaker because of obstacles such as walls. In conclusion, you can reduce the distance between you and your router.
  • Other networks around: The conflicting transmissions can make the Wifi networks signal poor. 
  • Interference from Appliances: Appliances such as microwave and phone can interfere with your Wi-Fi connection. The reason is they use the same amount of frequency used by your Wifi.
  • Bandwidth Hogging: Reason behind low Wifi connection may be bandwidth hogging. Other users such as family members or friends may be hogging on your Wifi network. 

How to increase Wifi Speed on Android Smartphone?

A slow internet connection is like the waste of time in life. Let’s discuss some Ways to increase the Wifi speed of your Android Smartphone. 

1. Measure the current network speed This site is one of most trustable website to check the internets uploading and downloading speed. An Android App Okla Speed test is also available on the Google play Store to check speed. 

2. Making the smartphone faster

The internet speed also depends upon the configuration of your mobile phone. Factors such as RAM, processor, and storage also affects the Wifi Speed of your Smartphone. 

Apps to increase the Wi-Fi speed of your Android Smartphone

Tips to make your smartphone more fast

  • Clear Cache: Due to less cache memory available on your phone, you may suffer from the slow run. 
  • Remove Unwanted Apps: You need to remove unwanted apps to clear some cache from your phone.
  • Disable Background Tasks: Background apps are using the RAM of your phone which should be disabled.
  • Using a good Browser: Browsers such as Google Chrome are faster and more reliable from others.
  • Using Network Booster App: You can use a network booster app to increase the Wifi speed of your Android Smartphone.

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